Effective collaboration in an informal Huddle Space setting

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Collaboration in the workplace has changed significantly over the past few years. Traditional boardrooms and meeting rooms are being underutilised and when they are being used; there are often only two or three participants. In addition to this, delegates are often joining into meetings remotely.


Dedicated boardrooms and meeting rooms are now being replaced with less formal and smaller “Huddle Spaces”. These spaces can be separate rooms, but are often just an area in an open plan office, or even in a reception area. These Huddle spaces need to be simple to use while offering all the functionality of the more formal spaces. Huddle Spaces should cater for many different types of meetings from simple presentations to full brain storming using interactive displays and full collaboration. They should also cater for remote participation where delegates can participate via their own devices including smart phones and tablets. This participation should cater for text, voice, video or all of these. It should also cater for the sharing and collaboration of presentations, documents and spreadsheets.


A ProSpectre all-in-one professional display can fulfil this requirement very effectively, and at an affordable price.

The ProSpectre display incorporates a computer, audio with built in speakers and a large, high resolution display. There is a choice of a high performance i5 processor which gives the speed and versatility required of a Windows based business suite of software. An optional 10 point touch display ensures a smooth interactive and collaborative experience.


Due to its versatility and built in functionality, ProSpectre displays are really simple to implement as the core of any Huddle space.
  • Mount the display on the wall (with included brackets)
  • Connect power
  • Connect to the network (either hardwired through its Ethernet port or via its built in Wi-Fi)
  • Add a webcam with a microphone
  • Load your preferred software
  • Start collaborating, presenting, video conferencing
  • If you choose our interactive displays, you can control everything with the touch of your finger.

This is just a taste of the possibilities. Herewith further suggestions to create a fully collaborative huddle space environment:

KRAMER ELECTRONICS’ easy-setup wireless BYOD huddle space offers cutting-edge sharing and presentation features.

Suggested products:

  • VIA Connect PRO: Wireless presentation and collaboration solution
  • KT-107 Touch Panel with Kramer K-Touch Room Control: Simple and comprehensive local control of room AV and automation systems with site and enterprise management
  • DIP-31: 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI & Computer Graphics Automatic Video Switcher and DIP-31M: 4K60 4:2:0 HDMI & Computer Graphics Automatic Video Switcher with Maestro Room Automation
  • Kramer Audio: Need more sound?
  • Kramer cables: High quality AV Cables at reduced pricing

LUMENS CAMERA RANGE offers high quality professional PTZ cameras, document cameras and camera controllers.