ProSpectre Solutions

ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology, together with Electrosonic SA (Pty) Ltd offer turnkey solutions for any audio visual or live entertainment intallation challenge.


solution huddle space


Dedicated boardrooms and meeting rooms are now being replaced with less formal and smaller “Huddle Spaces”. These spaces can be separate rooms, but are often just an area in an open plan office, or even in a reception area. These Huddle spaces need to be simple to use while offering all the functionality of the more formal spaces. Huddle Spaces should cater for many different types of meetings from simple presentations to full brain storming using interactive displays and full collaboration.


solution collaboration COLLABORATION:

Collaboration has become an intrinsic part of any presentation or brainstorming activity. The need for participants, whether they are in the same room, a remote office or any other location, to actively participate, has become a necessity.

Teams want a collaborative experience whereby any participant can not only share content, but annotate over or make changes to content. This lends itself to a more immersive and rich experience for participants and encourages ideas and participation by all.


solution digital signage


Digital Signage has become ever more prevalent in our daily lives. We see it everywhere. It is being used for advertising, way finding, information, cuing systems as well as for entertainment. It is used in many, diverse market segments including retail, industrial, hospitality and corporate.


solution video wall


In its simplest form, Video Walls are used to create large images by arranging monitors in an array to display one large, high resolution, digital surface.

More advanced video walls will allow you to display multiple sources, simultaneously, anywhere on the wall. These advanced displays do not limit the content to within the boundaries of the individual displays, but even allow you to straddle one or more displays.