High Definition (HD) Displays


Large Screen Personal Computer Series

43”, 49” and 55”

Offering the highest quality combined with extended product life, ProSpectre LSPC HD products are designed for professional applications across all vertical market segments. With larger screen sizes and the flexibility of portrait or landscape orientation. ProSpectre LSPC HD units are ideally suited for digital signage applications.

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All-in-one Computers


With the option of various processors, these ProSpectre LSPC HD units are extremely versatile. Depending on the application, a variety of operating systems are available such as Windows10 and Android Kitkat. With ample on-board memory and a 500GB HDD (hard disc drive) any preferred software application can be loaded such as Microsoft Office suite, Digital Signage Software or Wireless Collaboration Solutions.


The ProSpectre LSPC HD has integrated BlueTooth, Wifi and Ethernet ports to allow for alternative connection options. These can be used from various independent devices such as printers or keyboard-and- mouse packages. Various video connectors allow for additional monitor connection.

USB Autoplay

With the USB Autoplay feature, a USB device can be plugged in directly to the ProSpectre LSPC product and the content of such USB device will automatically be displayed.

USB Locking
The ProSpectre LSPC HD units are equipped with a USB Locking mechanism integrated into a screw-fixed back cover. The installed USB device will always remain in place and free from tampering.

SoC Content Management

ProSpectre LSPC HD products are manufactured with embedded Quad Core SoC (System on Chip) to enable content streaming from remote sources, whether individually or enterprise wide.

Auto Launch

ProSpectre LSPC HD units make it easy to link any HTML5 based applications through the SoC software. This feature enables the content to launch automatically on startup or a power outage and can be configured for either offline or online content.

Full HD Performance

The ProSpectre LSPC HD series are capable of displaying Full HD resolution. The user will be able to experience true Full HD content via USB, HDMI, DVI and Display Ports as well as video from integrated computers with HD support and as a result experience full High Definition in its native form. The best resolution, even with integrated touch surface technology.

Pixel Shifting

With ProSpectre LSPC HD displays, the risk of on screen image retention is reduced. The display panel is designed to move the entire video frame periodically, to prevent the effects of image retention.

Around The Clock Operation

The ProSpectre professional panels are quality confirmed to operate 24 hours per day.

Daisy Chain Functionality

ProSpectre LSPC HD displays are capable of content mirroring across multiple displays. Depending on configuration it is capable of video wall functionality.

download lspc hd

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