Electrosonic introduces quality control measures for ProSpectre deliveries.

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Electrosonic are acutely aware of the need to deliver quality products right up to the project site. Shipping large displays creates unique challenges due to the size and nature of the products. 

Over the past eighteen months we have been monitoring the damage and out-of-box failure rate of ProSpectre displays and what we have found is that while the failure rate is extremely low, almost all of these issues relate to mishandling during local shipping.

In order to improve handling by third parties and to further ensure that undamaged products arrive at our customers, we have introduced shock and tilt indicators on all our shipments of ProSpectre displays.

These indicators are attached to the boxes and indicate either if the box or pallet has been dropped or if the product has been tilted beyond 80 degrees.
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What is important about this is that a box may appear undamaged, and on first inspection the product inside may also seem undamaged. Then only once the display is switched on does the product fail.

It is also important to transport or store any LCD screen upright as laying them flat introduces undue stresses and could cause the glass to crack.

The freight companies are acutely aware of these indicators and realize that they need to handle the products carefully as they are being monitored all the way from collection to delivery.

We understand how frustrating and costly it is for a dealer to receive a damaged product and the delays that it can cause to a project. We expect these extraordinary measures will go a long way to addressing this and to ensure that ProSpectre remains the premier display product for the AV professional.