The ProSpectre 98” inch arrives at Electrosonic SA!

ProSpectre Display 6

By: Sithembiso Xaba

Intro: On the 16th of November 2018, the ProSpectre 98” inch commercial display arrived at Electrosonic’s Weltevreden office in Johannesburg. The PRO AV team was abuzz with excitement as it was the biggest ProSpectre screen yet to arrive in the country, after ProSpectre’s professional displays were launched at Mediatech Africa in 2017. ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology is manufactured for Electrosonic SA, backed and supported for the South African market.

I was invited to take pictures of this magnificent Ultra High Definition screen, and I must admit, it is aesthetically pleasing as it is sleek and functional.

During the installation, I sat down with the PRO AV Technical Manager and specialist of the ProSpectre professional display brand, Gerrie Coetzee, and found out what sets it apart from other display screens.

 You must be excited about launching the first 98” ProSpectre display. Is it what you expected it to be?

ProSpectre Display 3

Gerrie Coetzee (GC): Yes, this is the first 98 inch display Electrosonic had manufactured and we are thrilled to have it finally delivered to our offices. The 98” is 

Apart from its size, what’s different about this display compared to the others?our latest arrival and it’s the first one we received.

GC: Essentially, it’s the same platform across the range of the ProSpectre displays and the differentiating factor is the HD (High Definition) and UHD (Ultra High Definition). The 98” display falls within the UHD category and the range consists of the 65”, 75”, 86” and the 98” displays. Its majestic size is mainly what sets it apart from the others.

Why is the 98” inch display being installed at the Weltevreden office?

GC: Firstly, we’ve already installed a few ProSpectre displays, the 86” and ProSpectre Video Wall at our main office. We decided to have the 98” flat panel display showcased at our Weltevreden office. There was also a demand from our clients and dealers who wanted to see what the display looks like. Some wanted us to take it out of the box, and others didn’t (because they wanted to buy it) but in the end we decided to put it up as a demo so they could come and experience it first-hand.

Can clients book a demo?

GC: Definitely! That’s why we had it installed. If they’re interested in viewing it, they can speak to any of our sale representatives and book a date with them. It’s here for the clients so they can come and view it at any time.

Is the ProSpectre 98” display an interactive screen?

ProSpectre Display 98 2

GC: No, this is not an interactive screen and there’s no option to make it interactive either. The largest display we have that is interactive is the 86” screen. ProSpectre also offers other models, ranging from 86 inch, all the way through to the 43 inch which could be supplied as interactive displays. The ProSpectre range from 75” through to 43” non-interactive displays can be converted to interactive displays by simply adding an interactive touch overlay.

What other features does the 98” display have?

GC: The 98” display has SOC (System on a Chip) as well as the option of Android/ or i5 OPS PC (Open Pluggable Specification). This means you can have it as an Android OPS built-in or you can have an i5 which can be loaded with Windows and Microsoft Office applicatio

ns, exactly as you would on a PC. Basically, it is a computer to which you can connect a wireless keyboard and mouse, share content with, and present to all team members (including those from remote offices). The 98” is compatible with most popular applications and conferencing platforms
(e.g. Skype, Lync, Hangouts, Blue Jeans, Zoom, Polycom, Real Presence, Cisco Webex, GoToMeeting, etc.)

Can it be used at home and the office?

GC: Yes, it depends on your requirements. Keep in mind that the ProSpectre range comprises of professional flat panel displays as opposed to consumer displays. The 98” is suited for corporate and educational purposes. Electrosonic’s CEO, Bruce Genricks, wrote an interesting article on “What are Professional Flat Panel Displays and why You Need Them?” to answer some of the questions about commercial vs. consumer displays.

GC: We have a lot of interest from clients for corporate application, so we’re expecting orders to come in. Electrosonic ordered some stock which should arrive early in the new year, between January and February 2019.

Are there any clients interested in buying the 98” ProSpectre screen?

Displays of this nature and size do cost a pretty penny and take a while to have them shipped into the country. Do you order by demand or in bulk?

GC: The 98” display orders are currently handled differently to all the other displays due to its size. Although the ProSpectre 98 inch has the advantage of being very competitively priced, this screen is big and more costly than the smaller displays. Keeping stock is a problem as it takes up a lot of space. At first we thought we wouldn’t carry stock and we would buy per order but it takes too long and we can’t fly them in. They have to be shipped in containers and it takes between 6 to 10 weeks for them to arrive. We’ve ordered 5 units for stock and at the rate of interest, they might even be sold before they arrive in the new year. Electrosonic will reassess the stock levels early in the new year.

So, the display at Welties (Weltevreden Road office) is only for display purposes, it’s not for sale?

GC: Although it was nearly sold before we had it put up on the wall, the 98” is now installed in our Pro AV demo room. Electrosonic is very proud to have the ProSpectre 98” display in our audio visual demo room.. We decided to install it so that our clients can experience it first-hand. No photo can really do it justice.

Make sure to book your demo with the Electrosonic’s Pro AV team to view this impressive professional display, the one and only of its size in Southern Africa.

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