ProSpectre; SA backed and supported displays for the Southern African market

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Article: Abrie du Plooy (as published by ProSystems Africa News)

Video screens are utilised more often in commercial applications than ever before. Not too long ago it would have been frowned upon to use LCD screens as menu boards in fast food outlets and recently it has become the trend. Versatile digital signage screens are popping up everywhere as consumers become more aware of the benefits of flexible advertising solutions.

The vast majority of these applications make use of professional LCD panels. These screens are not just televisions – they are business tools that deliver a high quality product and perform as an asset in an institution. These resources deliver a return on investment. This value-add is exactly what Electrosonic SA had in mind when a decision was made to source a display product for the Southern African market.

As we all know, the price gap between professional screens and consumer televisions looms large. In addition, our location at the southern tip of Africa adds a further logistical expense to the mix, and the difference in quantities of professional display versus residential televisions widens the gap even more. The resulting necessity is offering a professional display product that is competitive and still offers all the professional qualities that sets commercial displays apart from consumer televisions.

ProSpectre does exactly that. Manufactured in Europe, exclusively for Electrosonic SA, the middleman is eliminated from the cost chain to reduce expenditure. As a professional product, ProSpectre ticks all the technical boxes that professional displays should. It offers 24/7 and 16/7 options across the range of products, various narrow bezel designs, extensive menu options with integrated video wall software and top quality components, which is also used for other leading professional brands. ProSpectre screens are ideal for the South African market as it offers value for money packages.

The video wall panels offer options ranging from display size, bezel thickness and brightness levels. In Southern Africa, most wall surfaces are concrete, and drywall construction is not as common as in other parts of the world. Each ProSpectre video wall screen includes an adjustable, front serviceable video wall bracket that can be installed on almost any hard surface, even if the surface is not completely smooth. To accommodate uneven surfaces, the ProSpectre bracket offers large tolerance adjustments and still delivers a perfectly symmetric video wall.

The standard panels have a slightly larger bezel which makes the product more competitive while remaining aesthetically pleasing. All ProSpectre LSPC panels come with integrated OPS processor options to cater for a range of specific needs, as well as system-on-chip for digital signage applications. Even the standard screens offer video wall functionality and can be used adjacent to another for creative signage images across multiple screens.

The Southern African market has always had economic challenges that affect consumer spending patterns. Value for money and cost of ownership over the life of the product play a big role in the decision-making process. ProSpectre displays are ideal as they offer custom solutions such as PC options or a 10-point touch feature by simply adding a ProSpectre touch overlay at any time post installation. Negating the need to purchase a new touchscreen. The touch overlay is specifically designed and manufactured for each ProSpectre LCD model and can be fitted on site in a few minutes. The touch component fits each model like a glove and will look as professional as if it was there from the first day. Each Touch overlay comes with a protective glass surface as the original screen surfaces were not manufactured with touch-use in mind.

Another very important factor regarding ProSpectre displays is the extended warranty options. ProSpectre displays offer a standard 24 month collect and return warranty. Electrosonic will collect and return a screen under warranty from and to the site of installation. This 24-month warranty can be extended up to 60 months (5 years) with annual tiers for 36 and 48 month periods making ProSpectre’s custom offering perfect for the South African market.

The most significant quality to take into account when considering why ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology is ideal for the Southern African market is the backing it receives from Electrosonic SA. The company has been servicing our clients for just shy of 27 years, and we are proud to add another quality product to our arsenal, one that matches our reputation. We proudly support ProSpectre with our full strength. It’s the ideal scenario for the Southern African integrator as the warranties are honoured locally. Warranty based decisions are made locally, and our workshop and engineering recourses are local. Loan or replacement stock is available immediately as ProSpectre Advanced Display products are manufactured exclusively for Electrosonic SA. As a result, large quantities of stock are held. Electrosonic SA is offering a completely South African backed and supported product for the Southern African market.

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Article published by ProSystems Africa News