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Article: Abrie du Plooy

‘Information at your fingertips’ is an accurate description of our 21st century online-life. Whether it’s a breaking news story or a yummy recipe, info is accessed by the touch of a finger, usually through your handheld touch screen device. But what if your team needs to participate interactively with your ProSpectre professional display during a presentation in a collaborative meeting room environment?

ProSpectre Touch Overlays now provide 10-point touch overlays which can be custom installed in minutes to any new or existing ProSpectre LSPC (Large Screen PC) display, even if it was purchased as a non-touch unit. It instantly converts your panel into a multi-touch interactive screen. There is no longer the need to purchase a separate interactive touch display unit. On the hardware side, the function of a touch display is essentially just a way to interact (by touching) with the displayed content as one would have done with the mouse of a conventional computer.

The ProSpectre touch-enabled screens are leaders when it comes to cost-effective touch quality. ProSpectre utilizes bezel-integrated IR (InfraRed) technology to keep the product cost effective. Even though IR touch-technology has been around for many years, it has progressed to a much more advanced product that delivers instant and accurate response to the user.

There are many benefits to IR touch-technology. Primarily, because it has been around for more than a decade, the investment in research and development has been recouped and therefore the cost of production is low. As a result, ProSpectre IR touch display screens are entering the market at a very competitive price point. Furthermore, IR touch-technology is based on bezel integration. This result in a slightly bulkier look and feel, but the touch-enabled bezel can be applied to any of ProSpectre’s all-in-one computer displays, from FULL HD 43, 49 AND 55 inch to the UHD 65 and 75 inch models. The various sizes are designed to fit snugly around these ProSpectre LSPC displays, and a USB cable connects to the integrated processor for immediate operation.

The touch overlays are shipped with a toughened layer of protective glass, which protects the original screen’s own LCD surface. The antiglare protective glass also prevents scratches and other operation-related damage.

ProSpectre professional displays fitted with the touch overlay have all the qualities of any modern touch LCD - and deliver a user experience in line with current day technological developments.

The only way to truly grasp the instantaneous and sensitive response of these 10 point multi-touch screens, and their difference to an Interactive Whiteboard, is to physically experience one.

The smooth operation of a ProSpectre Interactive Touch Screen is best experienced through a demonstration, so book a demonstration NOW at Electrosonic SA.

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