Electrosonic introduces quality control measures for ProSpectre deliveries.

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Electrosonic are acutely aware of the need to deliver quality products right up to the project site. Shipping large displays creates unique challenges due to the size and nature of the products. 

Over the past eighteen months we have been monitoring the damage and out-of-box failure rate of ProSpectre displays and what we have found is that while the failure rate is extremely low, almost all of these issues relate to mishandling during local shipping.

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The ProSpectre 98” inch arrives at Electrosonic SA!

ProSpectre Display 6

By: Sithembiso Xaba

Intro: On the 16th of November 2018, the ProSpectre 98” inch commercial display arrived at Electrosonic’s Weltevreden office in Johannesburg. The PRO AV team was abuzz with excitement as it was the biggest ProSpectre screen yet to arrive in the country, after ProSpectre’s professional displays were launched at Mediatech Africa in 2017. ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology is manufactured for Electrosonic SA, backed and supported for the South African market.

I was invited to take pictures of this magnificent Ultra High Definition screen, and I must admit, it is aesthetically pleasing as it is sleek and functional.

During the installation, I sat down with the PRO AV Technical Manager and specialist of the ProSpectre professional display brand, Gerrie Coetzee, and found out what sets it apart from other display screens.

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Small meeting areas have been called many names, from inspirational break rooms, to huddle rooms, huddle spaces and huddle meeting rooms. What they all have in common though is a strategically designed, small meeting space where people can collaborate informally, effectively and with ease.

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ProSpectre; SA backed and supported displays for the Southern African market

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Article: Abrie du Plooy (as published by ProSystems Africa News)

Video screens are utilised more often in commercial applications than ever before. Not too long ago it would have been frowned upon to use LCD screens as menu boards in fast food outlets and recently it has become the trend. Versatile digital signage screens are popping up everywhere as consumers become more aware of the benefits of flexible advertising solutions.

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How to set up a Fully Functional Huddle Space within minutes

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Article: Abrie du Plooy

Huddle spaces are a very appealing concept in today’s corporate world. Small to medium sized meetings can be conducted quickly and efficiently, with all the benefits of modern technology without having to reserve the executive boardroom.

A huddle space is a small meeting room or private space that offers presentation, collaboration and video conferencing functionality for up to 6 people. Employees no longer need to underutilise large meeting rooms in order to have a quick meeting.

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Professional Displays. Add a Touch Overlay for an Interactive Touch Screen

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Article: Abrie du Plooy

‘Information at your fingertips’ is an accurate description of our 21st century online-life. Whether it’s a breaking news story or a yummy recipe, info is accessed by the touch of a finger, usually through your handheld touch screen device. But what if your team needs to participate interactively with your ProSpectre professional display during a presentation in a collaborative meeting room environment?

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What are Professional Flat Panel Displays and why You Need Them

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By Bruce Genricks (CEO, Electrosonic SA)

In the professional AV industry there is often a lot of questions relating to installing Professional Flat Panel Displays (Commercial Displays) as opposed to Consumer Displays in a commercial environment. Many people are not fully aware of all the differences between the two.

What are Professional Displays? Why do I need one? Why do they cost more?

I will attempt to address some of these questions in this blog to shed a bit more light on it all.

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ProSpectre, The New Name in Professional Displays

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Article: Press Release ELECTROSONIC SA

Electrosonic SA is proud to announce the addition of ProSpectre Advanced Display Technologies to our arsenal of quality products. Electrosonic SA obtained sole distribution of ProSpectre Advanced Display Technologies and will support all aspects of the brand from our head office in Northcliff, Johannesburg. We have a team of qualified and experienced individuals on stand-by, to serve our reseller base and end users.

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