ProSpectre Applications

ProSpectre professional displays can be applied to various Vertical Markets. One might wonder why a professional display is recommended in a commercial installation, as apposed to a consumer display.

Bruce Genricks, CEO of Electrosonic SA, wrote an interesting blog explaining the various differences: What are Professional Flat Panel Displays and why You Need Them, which even answers the question of why they are more expensive.


vertical market retail


The level of promotional display hardware in retail spaces and shopfronts are on the increase at an alarming rate. Not only is the flexibility of digital signage very attractive to the vendor or advertiser but the digital platform provides a much more striking visual experience to the potential client. Digital marketing is not based on display only. Behind the scenes various imaging platforms play an important role in providing the overall effect. The ProSpectre Large Screen PC series offers a complete solution as every processor is supplied with an integrated large screen to effectively deliver the content to the right target market.

vertical market education


The world of education has taken a large turn during recent years. The technology developments around the internet and display technology provide a different level in education and training platforms which is relatively well embraced by the applicable institutions. ProSpectre Large Screen Computers provide an integrated platform with an all-in-one solution. The processor is capable of network connectivity as well as presenting from USB. The integrated display creates a large screen environment for learners to view content. Interactive options provide a collaborative platform for trainers and learners to interact and annotate their own ideas.

 vertical market digital signage


Digital Signage Solutions have taken signage flexibility to a different level. Large Format Displays are constantly changing content in order to apply and appeal to multiple audiences and environments. ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology offers products with the required processing as well as integrated displays to meet any digital signage need.

vertical market corporate displays


ProSpectre Large Screen computers are ideal for the corporate environment. The combined flexibility of processors with integrated large display screens will enhance productivity in any corporate meeting space, thus empowering teams providing businesses with a leading edge. Interactive options provide further flexibility to be deployed in collaborative spaces, allowing the sales force to educate and promote on a different level and result in increased productivity, inflated sales as well as employee satisfaction.

vertical market control room CONTROL ROOMS:

With technology all around us, control centres are required more than ever before to monitor daily applications. Whether it is a security hub monitoring cameras, transport institutions keeping an eye on their own logistics, or the IT industries with servers operating non-stop, ProSpectre Advanced Display Technology provides products with a rugged reliable design to operate around the clock. The ProSpectre Large Screen PCs offer the processing components as well as the required size display and thus create an intelligent, all-in-one solution for any 24/7 display application.

 vertical market airport transport


Public Transport hubs such as train, bus stations and airports operate for many hours of the day and require a network of displays to provide commuters with adequate information. Large amounts of processing is required to keep time tables in sync and simultaneously display the latter to the public. ProSpectre large screen computers offer products that provide perfect solutions for such applications. Processors with multiple connectivity options could be distributed on a network and each processor’s integrated display doubles up as the display component. ProSpectre offers a single product as an overall solution.