Totem TO Series

ProSpectre Totem Computer series is the ultimate computer with an integrated Full HD High Brightness LCD as part of the solution. With a sleek single, or back-to-back dual screen orientation in portrait formation, the ProSpectre Totem Computers provide a double sided display solution designed to catch the consumer’s eye in any environment.

Create your own high impact, customized advertising solution with the robust and cost-effective, ProSpectre all-in-one Totem displays.

All-in-one Computers


With a choice of processing power, the ProSpectre all-inone, Totem computers are extremely versatile. Depending on the application, there is also a choice of operating systems available, including Windows 10 and Android 4.4 Kitkat. With ample memory and a 500GB hard drive, one can load any preferred software package including Microsoft office, PowerPoint and digital signage software.

Connectivity - WIFI Optional

This all-in-one, Totem display has built in Bluetooth, Wifi and Ethernet ports, to allow for the wireless or wired connection of devices such as a keyboard, mouse and printers. Display port and/or HDMI ports allow additional monitor connections.

Robust Design

The ProSpectre Totem is a slim, stand alone, all-in-one computer, which is robust yet very eye catching. The aesthetically appealing design will not only add value to your brand but also operate in environments with strenuous retail hours.


The ProSpectre Totem offers a double sided display option (LSPCTO65DS), enabling your branding to be seen from both sides. This feature is in demand for busy retail spaces with high volumes of human traffic in all directions.

Market Specific

Offering a flexible signage solution, the ProSpectre Totem all-in-one is perfect for a wide variety of applications, working well for multiple vertical markets, including retail spaces, entertainment industries and public transport stations.


Totem TO Series Product brochure